131 Urban Rendez-Vous aims to recreate a new way to live the space: through the direct and indirect involvement of the audience to the creative process, describing a land and a community in a contemporary way

concept, choreographic and dance: Sara Marasso
concept and sound research: Stefano Risso

A production by IL CANTIERE | Sara Marasso and Stefano Risso
Created with the support of Piemonte dal VivobXh area performing artsAssociazione Culturale C.A.R.M.E. Brescia + L’Elastiko  and Laboratorio di Barriera.
A first studio was presented in 2018 at Galleria Umberto | Cristiani & c. + Teatro Bellarte, TurinGalerie Mazzoliand Kuehlspot das zuhause fur kunst und musik, Berlin.

The project was hosted in residence during a first research phase at C.A.R.M.E. cultural center, Brescia winning the call of the Festival bXh Area Performins Arts, curated by L’Elastiko and Associazione C.AR.M.E.

hosted in 2019:

in Bologna  at Teatri di Vita for RESIDANZE DI PRIMAVERA
in Verbania around and inside Teatro il Maggiore for CROSS FESTVAL curated by associazione LIS_LAb performings art
in Pinilla de l’Olmo – Spain, for El Cortejo De la Avutarda Festival

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