131 Urban Rendez-Vous aims to recreate a new way to live the space: through the direct and indirect involvement of the audience to the creative process, describing a land and a community in a contemporary way

concept, choreographic and dance: Sara Marasso
concept and sound research: Stefano Risso
in collaboration with Arnaud Ducharme, videomaker

131 Urban Rendez-Vous was created with the support of Piemonte dal Vivo_Lavanderia a Vapore Regional Center for Dance, Associazione Sumisura_Laboratorio di Barriera

The project was hosted in residence during a first research phase at C.A.R.M.E. cultural center, Brescia for winning the call of the Festival bXh Area Performins Arts, curated by L’Elastiko and Associazione C.AR.M.E.

And previously in the following spaces:

Teatro Bellarte, Turin
Galleria di Arte contemporanea Cristini & co., Turin
Galerie Mazzoli + Atelier Kuehlspot das zuhause fur kunst und musik, Berlin (D)