7/10 x 8′ CIRCA

7/10 x 8’ CIRCA (About 7/10 x 8’) is the mathematic formula that we use to create a performance which can let the public experiment a semi-guided journey. An in-stages itinerary through visual signs and sound stimuli that can help to orient the view and, at the same time, invite the public to be involved. A full immersion experience and an itinerant modality in which anyone will be able to decide, in between the limits established, where to stay or move. With your own body’s encumbrance you will participate to the grand ball: a very short duration, signaled by a final sound.


concept: Sara Marasso e Stefano Risso
choreography: Sara Marasso
music: Stefano Risso
co-production: Il Cantiere (Turin) and Margine Operativo (Rome)

Special thanks to Libera Collina di Castello (Genova)


11/12 May 2019
Festival Attraversamenti Multipli #Genova 2019
Libera Collina di Castello, Genova