Here we are! let’s see an abxtract of our new project:  Wall Dialogue Resistance presented as work in progress  last June in the empty swimming pool of  Teatri di Vita in Bologna, and soon in a new place in Rome.

September 19th 2020 9:00 p.m.

Wall Dialogue Resistance / 3rd work in progress
A site-specific performance for  Largo Spartaco, Rome

Festival Attraversamenti Multipli 2020/ everythings is connected 


26th / 27th September  IYENGAR YOGA weekend workshop 
led by Sara Marasso and followed by Stefano Risso’s doublebass live composition

Saturday 4:00-8:00 pm / Sunday 8.30 am-1:30 pm

The seminary can welcome a maximum of 8 participants. Registrations are open till September 19th 2020. Activity carried out indoor and outdoor,  near by  the marvellous Altopiano delle Manie.

Il Cantiere invites you to follow:

::: the unforgettable concert at TORINO JAZZ FESTIVAL

August 29th 2020 9:00 p.m. at COMBO Corso Regina 128 Torino

Gianni Coscia, accordion
Enrico Rava, trumpet
Max De Aloe, chromatic harmonica
Fabio Gorlier, piano
Stefano Risso, doublebass
Paolo Franciscone, drum

::: Our  dance / video / painting collaboration with the visual artist Antonio de Luca within his CUPSULE VIDEO ART project for the creation of micro motion videos that will be used to produce large paintings, part of a larger video installation project that will be realized in the next months. Art through the body in motion.

::: the project LA MIA PELLE è TEATRO (ndt: my skin is theatre), concept by Alessandra Cristiani, Paola Bianchi, Silvia Gribaudi, who produced a collective manifesto edited by the photographer and set designer Brìditanno. Video and the photo poster will be presented during the following festivals: Festival Inequilibrio, Tendance Festival, and Teatri di Vetro Festival. More about the project at: