Here we are! ready to come back with our project Wall Dialogue Resistance in Bologna, one year after the first residence in Faro.

1 CALL x WALL: call for participation: in the occasion of this second residence of  Wall project, a performance about walls and human relationships, we would like to collect your thoughts, voices and words around this question:

What’s beyond the wall?

To respond, follow the sensations and images that emerge from listening to this short audio link here above, borrowed voice Michele Di Mauro.

Send a WhatsApp audio to +39 3485523105 in your mother language!
If you cannot record it or you prefer written words:

until JUNE 20th

The presentation of the first WALL study will be on:
June 26 and 27, 2020 from 8pm
ResiDANZE di Primavera
In Teatri di Vita, Parco dei Pini
Via Emilia Ponente 485, Bologna

Info and reservation required:
Tel: +39.333.4666333
Daily Ticket: 12 euros

On June 24th
We will be on the podcast of Correlativo Oggettivo
 Artist On Air on spotify curated by CARME Brescia
with the objective correlative that we have chosen to represent ourselves
in these times of isolation: SOLO UOVO/EGG ONLY
(the objective correlative is a poetic process that entrust to one or more objects the task of telling a specific emotion or situation).

We would like to thanks CARME team and l’Elastiko company  for choosing and supporting our 131 Urban Rendez Vous project, winner of the bXh Performings Art Festival in December 2018, here follow a very short video  extracts from the different cities where the project had the chance to be presented live and in close interaction with the public, a direct communication and a kind of involvement  that we have missed so much during this last time:

And finally, as a wish for a good summer 2020
a desert beach for everyone!!!