EQUILIBRIO RESIDUO LAB  around the relationship sound-movement

SaraSte uno
photo Marco Lenzi

“An interdisciplinary research and composition that intersects and expands the expressive languages of dance and music”F. Bernabini, Danza Effebi

a workshop with Sara Marasso + Stefano Risso

There is a quid of vitality, an intensity that occurs between music and movement in relation to each other that we would like to experience in all forms of composition. There is no difference between “improvisation” and choreographic and musical “writing”: both are methods of composition that differ only during the time of their execution and with the possibility to revise or not, what you can choose.

Learning how to compose on the spot requires a lengthy preparation and specific training of the body / tool that is particularly interesting for what it implies and causes.
It presupposes a profound ability to manage the elements and the need to reduce the essential materials emerged that will force us to work on construction and development. Starting from the work on the body and its move in the space we will try to join the body and the musical space to compose sentences  rhythmically.