bye-bye 2020



At the end of 2020, uncertainties remain strong for our profession and for our commonly shared need for poetry and live art. During this year we have resumed our road to scene, shifted the calendars, doing everything possible to maintain the chance to meet and work together.

We could’t do nothing without those who have worked to keep people save and culture alive: a very special thanks to Giovanna Gosio, Michele Di Mauro, Andrea Adriatico and  Stefano Casi, Saverio Peschechera, Giorgia Brignani, Alessandra Ferraro and Pako Graziani, Pedro Senna Nunes and Ana Rita Barata,  Momi Falchi and Tore Muroni, Irene Pipicelli, Gloria Giovannini and Maryfé Signy, Begoña Izquierdo Negredo, Andrea Sozzi, Isabel Barros and Lucinda Gomes, Teresa Noronha Feio and Elisa Sbaragli, Luisa Pellegrino, Emanuele Berardo and Francesca Perlo.

Could art be a propulsive force for all of us, helping to be aware of everything alive around us,  asking our attention and  demanding a life change. A wish for a new time!

Following the words of Ohad Naharin, -“dancing is about allowing caos to find its confort zone, it’s about being in the high of a storm which is a very quite place”-, let’s find this place ” just in the middle of a storm” through dance, music, theatre. Never stop looking for it!

Wishing you a 2021 full of meeting, rich exchanges and new happiness!
See you soon!!!

2020 memories