Spring is the air, the double bass with legs is back too!!

131 OUT
the film

was born in response to a request  for a video recording of 131 Urban Rendez Vous performance: “Three bodies – a dancer, a musician and his awkward instrument, a double bass – confront each other in a space that recreates itself at every moment, through this confrontation. A playful relationship that is inserted in the daily life of a public space in search of an impossible synchrony with 2000 km of distance and one hour of time zone difference that separates Lisbon from Turin, where the three bodies find themself separated. An invitation for the public to look in a different, unexpected and unpredictable way at the outer space, at the space of the cities and at that of human relations, in proximity as in distance”.

The film can be seen for free on the festival channels:


from 3pm on the 29th until midnight on the 30th april 2021
(Lisbon time / +1h Rome_Berlin time, from 4pm until 1am on 1st May)

within the programme of FESTIVAL DDD DIAS DA DANÇA 

CORPO+CIDADE section curated by  BALLETEATRO


Sara Marasso concept, artistic direction, choreography, dance
Stefano Risso concept, artistic co-direction, music composition

collaboration for the video creation of 131 OUT:

Pedro Sena Nunes_Vo’Arte Lisbon + Miha Sagadin Turin
final editing and colour Miha Sagadin and Luca Pescaglini
Diana Matias and João Dias for video assistance and editing in Lisbon
the double-bass legs in Turin are those of Silvia Urbani
management Giovanna Gosio

Special thanks balleteatro, Francesco Valente, Elisa Lasorsa and all the people who helped us in this adventure!

All the recordings of the video 131OUT were made during the month of March 2021 in the cities of Turin and Lisbon, during the lockdown period due to the health emergency.

131OUT is a production

131 urban rendez vous has been  realised thanks to the support of: Piemonte dal Vivo_Lavanderia a Vapore_Centro Regionale per la Danza and Sumisura Torino, bXh Performing Arts Festival_L’Elastiko & C.AR.M.E. Brescia, Galerie Mazzoli Berlin, Cross Residence Verbania, Teatri di Vita Bologna, L’Avutarda Pinilla de L’Olmo.


foto di @pedrosenanunes @giovannagosio  @elialasorsa

And we are very happy that…
131 Urban Rendez Vous in its travelling and European version, is among the projects selected for by the ENCC European Network of Cultural Centres for:

INCUBATOR 2021  https://encc.eu/news/incubator-2021-selected-projects with a project accompaniment supported by a team of experts which we will meet on 30 June – 2 July in Gran Canaria.


A preview…
the next 131 urban rendez vous live performance will be in Fluminimaggiore, in the beautiful Iglesiente area in Sardinia, for Le giornate del Respiro organised by Sardegna Teatro in collaboration with Autunno Danza Festival  where we will present the original performance 131RESPIRI after a short residency on june 25th 2021, more information in the next newsletter!


Yogaroom Lisboa has a new location in Campo Santa Clara.
On 3 May it will open its doors for in-person classes (individual and duo).

For information and registration write to yogaroomlisboa@gmail.com