Soluzione parziale a problema transitorio is a solo contemporary dance that arises from a research about arms as motor of movement and as guide to choreographic composition.
It represents the second part of Solo Carta exhibition. It follows the silence of the first project with this new creation with the collaboration of a contemporary music compositor.
Special lights will characterize the bare scenic space.

concept – choreography: Sara Marasso
musical composition: Gianluca Porcu
lights design: Marco Burgher

Debut: October 29th-30th2010, Cavallerizza Reale – TORINODANZA FESTIVAL for the programFestival Prospettiva – Teatro Stabile – Turin

It was hosted in the following spaces: August 30th 2012, Fabrik HeederKrefeld – Dusseldorf for Internationale Tanzmesse 2012 (Circuito Teatrale – Piedmont); April 13th-14th 2012, Teatro Baretti – Mondovì (Piedmont), Palazzo Ferrero – Biella (Piedmont) for Pleased to Meet you(Circuito Teatrale – Piedmont); October 10th 2011, Teatro La Vetreria – Cagliari for Festival Autunno Danza; September 17th, 2011
OGR Officine Grandi Riparazioni; July 1st-2nd 2011, Teatro Mercadante – Naples,Fringe Napoli Teatro Festival Italia; April 2011, Belgrad National Theatre – Serbia for Festival of Choreographic Miniatures.

production: Torinodanza
co-production: Interplay Festival internazionale di danza contemporanea
support: Fondazione TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa and N.E.C. Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica (Portugal)

Ursula Kaufman
Ursula Kaufman
Primero Erscht