wall dialogue resistance


A work in progress dealing with the contemporary epoch of isolation and separation that we’re living: it’s a urgent reflection on what we’re experiencing in order to find a shared way to face and work out with it.

We chose the wall as a symbol of border: a real limit and an imaginary place, showing the tension between the need for protection and the desire to go beyond what is known. That leads us to a spatial hidden dimension which is both physical and emotional. 

The interdisciplinary performance is an occasions to meet local communities, collecting ideas and dreams about what is beyond the wall, overcoming the separation from the others, the uncertainty and difficulties experienced during this pandemic. 

Actually, the idea of a participative performative project around the wall emerged in the summer 2019: a group of students from a theatre school from Faro, Portugal, have been involved through a playful moment of  performance against a wall. At the beginning of 2020, the project has been suspended. It has temporarily lost the possibility of direct people’s participation, but gained new possibilities and meanings.

The wall have proved to be the necessary limit beyond which to look, after a period of inward-looking, to see the common space that can emerge in all its presence, necessity and poetics. Recognizing the pivotal role of the body as a tool for listening, dialogue and participation, in person or remotely, we ask you to send your answer:

That’s beyond the wall?

Artistic credits and cast:

Concept and Artistic direction: Sara Marasso and Stefano Risso 

Choreography and dance: Sara Marasso 
Sound design, live music and video: Stefano Risso
Borrowed voice Michele Di Mauro 
Light design: Sara Marasso and Stefano Risso
Project management: Giovanna Gosio 
Communication: Valeria Petronio

Production IL CANTIERE cultural association realized with the support of Devir Capa Centro Artes Performativas do Algarve, Faro
Teatri di Vita, Bologna 
Margine Operativo, Rome

Past Residencies 2019/2020: 
DevirCapa Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve, Faro Portugal, July 2019
 ResiDANZE di Primavera, Teatri di Vita, Bologna, Italy, June 2020
 Attraversamenti Multipli, Rome, Italy, September 2020

“[…] The original idea was enclosed in the title Wall Dialogue Resistance with the aim of investigating the relationship with the walls, in a wide-ranging approach on a symbol – the wall, in fact – full of numerous existential, philosophical, social, political, aesthetic connotations. Covid enriched and probably bent the project in other directions, which were explored in the residence after months of long-distance confrontation between the two artists. The studio is presented inside the empty swimming pool of Teatri di Vita, where also the spectators are, who therefore share the “closure” of four walls with the artists: a box, the projection of one’s home, the evocation of a lockdown beyond the which rise the trees of the park towards the sky. Stefano Casi, “Il distanziamento sociale del Danzatore”, Casicritici, June 2020