“All’ombra di una metafora
datemi una margherita 
perché io possa tenerla in mano
la margherita”

In my path yoga and dance exist in the same space.

They are often practiced in the same room, the notes I take share the same notebook. 

Sometimes, when I start using a workbook, its pages are divided like this: the front is for the notes about dance, the back there should be notes about yoga, but this division doesn’t last long and everything starts inevitably intersected.
Intersected or confused,  that gets immediately a bad reputation. I suffer from it myself when at the beginning of notebook I demand order and distinction. 

Really I consider this verb so interesting: from the latin “cum-fundere”, near to overlaps and to cross,  that is what reflect more my real life, where they are indeed inextricably linked. 

Dance is everywhere. And every time I see it, I should have more of it, I want it to better be seen, or to do it in my way. Yoga is the dance seen from within, from behind,  a way to calmly see the dance in the particular, in the infinitesimal.

Same starting philosophy: “Give me a daisy so that I can hold it in my hand”. Different paths and ways of appearing or seeing,  “in the shadow of a metaphor” (Patrizia Cavalli).

:::: NEWS 2020

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