7/10 x 8′ CIRCA

7/10 x 8’ CIRCA (About 7/10 x 8’) is the mathematic formula that we use to create a performance which can let the public experiment a semi-guided journey. An in-stages itinerary through visual signs and sound stimuli that can help to orient the view and, at the same time, invite the public to be involved. A full immersion experience and an itinerant modality in which anyone will be able to decide, in between the limits established, where to stay or move.


concept: Sara Marasso e Stefano Risso
choreography: Sara Marasso
music: Stefano Risso
co-production: Il Cantiere (Turin) and Margine Operativo (Rome)

Special thanks to Libera Collina di Castello (Genova)

11/12 May 2019
Festival Attraversamenti Multipli #Genova 2019
Libera Collina di Castello, Genova