Cucù everyone! happy spring to all,
and may ideas and new sensitivities flourish, may creativity be with us all and sustain change.

In these months we have found ourselves exploring connections between darkness, water, writing and the body. We have used the walls as pages and the water graffito has become an opportunity to reflect on languages, visibility and writing as bodily action.

So a virtual space is just born to share some insights from our research, because the work that emerges is always a piece of what moves underneath:

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©️laurafarneti ©️stefanorisso ©️pedrofigueiredo


MAY / JUNE 2023

New project residency
Stare ad occhi aperti nel buio (working title)

17 May – 18 June 2023
we will be in residency at TEATRO da VOZ company headquarters of
Lisbon Cultural Association founded by Sílvia Real and Sérgio Pelágio
to explore and elaborate materials for an immersive performance in a darkened environment where dark will serve to glimpse the body and water writing to glimpse signs and meanings.
many thanks to Silvia e Sergio and to all the team for the hospitality!

Going on…




It’s ready! The GRAPHIC STORYTELLING by Miriam Tello



To download the map and concept CLICK HERE

To download the graphic storytelling of the residencies CLICK HERE

Stefano Risso‘s record is in progress: it’s going to rework and transform into music the voices and fragments of melodies collected during the journey + Nicolas Lange‘s podcast made in collaboration with Patricia Lowe (pictured) and Lalli, whom we thank!


©️stefanorisso ©️laurafarneti

In February

While Stefano’s double bass lessons at Potenza Conservatoire are going on, Sara has been invited as a guest teacher for the two-year training course for dancers at FOR – Olga Roriz Company in Lisbon for a month of yoga classes.

FOR –  training Olga Roriz

It was great to share the yoga practice with the group of very young dancers!


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Wall Dialogue Resistance | Call to action


What’s beyond the wall?  It’s the question that accompanied us during each stage of a month-and-a-half-long journey by train across Mediterranean Europe to the west, which we started on 21st August 2022 and from which we recently returned. It has been an intense journey that brought us together with so many beautiful people and many stories and that we would like to continue with you.

This newsletter is an invitation to participate, to send us your words and images around the wall. As a limit that divides space and interrupts our daily routine: a way to talk about all of us, about the isolation in which we live, about the possibilities of imagining and acting a future in such a complex and challenging time. Transforming the inability and impossibility to see and move as an opportunity to stop, slow down, reflect, return to sensitivity, contact, imagination, open communication…

What’s beyond the wall? What images, emotions, words do you find beyond it? 

an open space for sharing the project JOIN IN! write it in your language!



The journey of Wall Dialogue Resistance

21 August – 1 October 2022 a photographic narrative


Click on the titles to open the full photo galleries:


Robilante 21 – 27 August


Marseille 30 August – 4 September


Noviercas 6 – 8 September


Zaragoza 8 – 11 September


Porto/Matosinhos 13 – 23 September


Cagliari 24 – 30 September

Photo credits: AndreaCeraso, LauraFarneti, DoganBoztas, SilviaUrbani, AlejandraAraguas, PedroFigueiredo, PepaCantarita, PiloGallizo, StefanoRisso, SaraMarasso / Map: MiriamTello

December 2022 in Turin!

Classes and seminar


Led by Sara Marasso
Iyengar Yoga Teacher
with the double bass player Stefano Risso

Friday 16th December  18:30-20:00
at  YOGA sul FIUME, Corso Moncalieri 18

Saturday 17th December 10:00-13:00
at Yoga Room, Via Cesare Lombroso 6

Registration by Dec 12
Promotion for registrations by Dec 4 

Info and registration tel. +39.3485523105 / yogaroomlisboa@gmail.com

Autumn 2022

Busy September, creative October: 54 days on the road!

©️StefanoRisso ©️SilviaUrbani / Les Têtes de L’ Art Residency / Marseille FR

21st august – 30th september


On 30 September, the biggest WALL DIALOGUE RESISTANCE Creative Europe CREA-CULT-2021-COOP No. 101055870 journey came to an end. A crazy journey, five European stops in six weeks: Vermenagna Valley, Marseille, Noviercas e Zaragoza, Porto and at the end Cagliari.

©️MassimoFinzi / Sa Manifattura Residency / Fuorimargine, Cagliari IT

We met people, discovered places, tasted territories and cultures, played, laughed, experimented and reflected around the concept of the WALL, and then, in a few days of residence, at each stage built and staged a performance.

Sharing this experience with so many people is what made the project fully participatory  and for this a  special thank you goes to all those who took part and shared this experience with us.

©️AndreaCeraso ©️StefanoRisso / Vermenagna Valley Residency / Noau / Robilante IT


Good news!

For the 7/10 x 8′ CIRCA Portuguese Tour 

we have been selected by the Call Jazz IT Abroad, a project promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and managed by Italia Music Export, which provides artists in the jazz field with support for concerts performed abroad.


4th – 9th october  7/10 x 8’ CIRCA 

at Festival Manobras curated by Artemrede Portugal

OEIRAS, Biblioteca Municipal de Oeiras, ABRANTES, Jardim da República, TOMAR, Praça da República, ALCANENA-MINDE, Praça 14 de Agosto, MONTEMOR-O-NOVO, Mercado Municipal, SANTARÉM, Convento de San Francisco.

Stefano and Sara travelled into the deep Portugal to bring to people in different cities a performance-game with sound and visual signs  that leads people into an immersive and ludic experience.

©️BernardoCarreiras / Artemrede

Concept Sara Marasso & Stefano Risso
Choreography and dance Sara Marasso
Sound composition and live music Stefano Risso
Coproduction Il Cantiere (Turin) and Margine Operativo (Rome)

The tour of 7/10 x 8′ CIRCA is realized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Italia Music Export @italiamusiclab @italiamusicexport  @italymfa

10th – 16th october


at Centro Cultural Malaposta Lisbon


IG @ccmalaposta | FB Centro Cultural Malaposta

Wall Dialogue Resistance is a project that is expanding and that makes us discover how much being  going deep into a research brings out unexpected and unthought of nuances. Wall Dialogue Resistance from 2019 until today has become multifaceted and vital, so much that finding ourselves at the Malaposta Cultural Centre in two is like a return to the origins, to the first residency in Faro where the idea was explored for the first time.

Concept and artistic direction Il Cantiere Sara Marasso e Stefano Risso

Choreography and dance Sara Marasso

Composition, live music and video Stefano Risso

Voices Michele di Mauro and the participants of each residency

Production Il Cantiere, Sardegna Teatro and Fuorimargine

With the support of ENCC European Network for Cultural Centres / Incubator project, DeVIR CAP Centro de Artes performativas do Algarve, Teatri di Vita, Margine Operativo, Il Grattacielo

As part of  Creative Europe CREA-CULT-2021-COOP n. 101055870. Parternship: Teatro di Sardegna as Main Partner with  Il Cantiere, Noau officina culturale, Les Tetes de l’Art, Colectivo Noray, Asociacion Hacendera, Pares Sueltos, Fuorimargine. More info HERE

Wall Dialogue Resistance  residency in Lisbon is realized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Italia Music Export  @italiamusiclab  @italiamusicexport  @italymfa


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