Autumn 2022

Busy September, creative October: 54 days on the road!

©️StefanoRisso ©️SilviaUrbani / Les Têtes de L’ Art Residency / Marseille FR

21st august – 30th september


On 30 September, the biggest WALL DIALOGUE RESISTANCE Creative Europe CREA-CULT-2021-COOP No. 101055870 journey came to an end. A crazy journey, five European stops in six weeks: Vermenagna Valley, Marseille, Noviercas e Zaragoza, Porto and at the end Cagliari.

©️MassimoFinzi / Sa Manifattura Residency / Fuorimargine, Cagliari IT

We met people, discovered places, tasted territories and cultures, played, laughed, experimented and reflected around the concept of the WALL, and then, in a few days of residence, at each stage built and staged a performance.

Sharing this experience with so many people is what made the project fully participatory  and for this a  special thank you goes to all those who took part and shared this experience with us.

©️AndreaCeraso ©️StefanoRisso / Vermenagna Valley Residency / Noau / Robilante IT


Good news!

For the 7/10 x 8′ CIRCA Portuguese Tour 

we have been selected by the Call Jazz IT Abroad, a project promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and managed by Italia Music Export, which provides artists in the jazz field with support for concerts performed abroad.


4th – 9th october  7/10 x 8’ CIRCA 

at Festival Manobras curated by Artemrede Portugal

OEIRAS, Biblioteca Municipal de Oeiras, ABRANTES, Jardim da República, TOMAR, Praça da República, ALCANENA-MINDE, Praça 14 de Agosto, MONTEMOR-O-NOVO, Mercado Municipal, SANTARÉM, Convento de San Francisco.

Stefano and Sara travelled into the deep Portugal to bring to people in different cities a performance-game with sound and visual signs  that leads people into an immersive and ludic experience.

©️BernardoCarreiras / Artemrede

Concept Sara Marasso & Stefano Risso
Choreography and dance Sara Marasso
Sound composition and live music Stefano Risso
Coproduction Il Cantiere (Turin) and Margine Operativo (Rome)

The tour of 7/10 x 8′ CIRCA is realized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Italia Music Export @italiamusiclab @italiamusicexport  @italymfa

10th – 16th october


at Centro Cultural Malaposta Lisbon


IG @ccmalaposta | FB Centro Cultural Malaposta

Wall Dialogue Resistance is a project that is expanding and that makes us discover how much being  going deep into a research brings out unexpected and unthought of nuances. Wall Dialogue Resistance from 2019 until today has become multifaceted and vital, so much that finding ourselves at the Malaposta Cultural Centre in two is like a return to the origins, to the first residency in Faro where the idea was explored for the first time.

Concept and artistic direction Il Cantiere Sara Marasso e Stefano Risso

Choreography and dance Sara Marasso

Composition, live music and video Stefano Risso

Voices Michele di Mauro and the participants of each residency

Production Il Cantiere, Sardegna Teatro and Fuorimargine

With the support of ENCC European Network for Cultural Centres / Incubator project, DeVIR CAP Centro de Artes performativas do Algarve, Teatri di Vita, Margine Operativo, Il Grattacielo

As part of  Creative Europe CREA-CULT-2021-COOP n. 101055870. Parternship: Teatro di Sardegna as Main Partner with  Il Cantiere, Noau officina culturale, Les Tetes de l’Art, Colectivo Noray, Asociacion Hacendera, Pares Sueltos, Fuorimargine. More info HERE

Wall Dialogue Resistance  residency in Lisbon is realized with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Italia Music Export  @italiamusiclab  @italiamusicexport  @italymfa


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Wall Dialogue Resistance: a Creative Europe project

Good news!

 The project Wall Dialogue Resistance in its European and itinerant version has been selected by the European Creative Europe programme.

After its birth in Faro and its development in Bologna, Rome, Cagliari and Livorno is for us an important achievement, beautiful and frightening at the same time, but we are very happy and would now like to present the project in its entirety, made possible thanks to the teamwork of many people!


co-funded by CREA-CULT-2021-COOP n. 101055870



The project WALL DIALOGUE RESISTANCE, co-funded by the European Union within the Creative Europe programme, led by Teatro di Sardegna as main partner and with the artistic direction of Il Cantiere – Sara Marasso and Stefano Risso, aims to recreate a different way of experiencing public space through direct and indirect involvement of the audience in the creative process, describing a landscape and a community through a contemporary interdisciplinary narrative.
The project wants to stimulate the dialogue / participation / interaction of European citizens through a human site-specific participatory approach to the creation in performing arts, to apply the creative process for overcoming separations from each other and to disseminate a methodological creative format to make culture more inclusive.
The structure unfolds through five artistic residencies hosted by the partners involved and realized through a single journey linking them all, which takes place from August 21st to October 1st 2022. The residencies will use action tools such as workshops, thinking laboratories and the popular crossnational game 1,2,3 STELLA!
Each residence will end with a PERFORMANCE as a collective emotional experience of a common space.
After this, a period of reworking and post-production of the multimedia and textual contents produced will follow, and it will include a FILM, a PODCAST, a GRAPHIC STORYTELLING and a PERFORMANCE FORMAT.
The project focuses on the open process, emphasizing the work of questioning and research, on the eco-sustainability and the human impact that will resonate with the people of the four Mediterranean countries involved: Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.


The research, aware about the complex times we are all living, chooses to explore the concept of the WALL as a physical and symbolic guide for a creative process considering the meanings of the words dialogue and resistance from the following perspective:

Wall as a symbol of the spatial and emotional distances existing in human relationships, considering limit related to opportunity

Dialogue as involvement of bodies and voices in relation to the question:what’s beyond the wall?

Resistance as ability to look beyond, to reinforce the tool of imagination, to see a common space that can emerge in all its necessity

The wall relates us to the concepts and questions around balance, freedom and boundaries, offering a practical experience about how verticality can dialogue with the horizontal plan, and how the individual is placed in a space where everyone is connected. The wall with its qualities becomes the tool to explore the resonance, the limit and the quality of the resistance in terms of movement and sound / rhythm recognizing the pivotal role of the body as tool for dialogue and partecipation.

The history of the project can be found here



the artists involved: Sara Marasso & Stefano Risso – Il Cantiere as artistic direction  with  Stefano Odoardi, Nicolás Lange, Miriam Tello, Simone Sims Longo, Wrong Time Collective   – Julie Yousef and Cyril Limousin,
Carlos Silva and Rossana Fonseca.

partners Sardegna Teatro | Il Cantiere | Associazione noau | Les têtes de l’Art | Colectivo Noray | Asociación Hacendera | Balleteatro associated partners Spaziodanza | Pares Sueltos  

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The first meeting of the project took place within the GIORNATE DEL RESPIRO Festival in Fluminimaggiore in Sardinia on fri 1st and sat 2 July 2022, hosted by the project’s main partner Teatro di Sardegna.
Thank you everybody who attended!

Our journey begins on Sunday 21st August 2022 in Robilante – Val Vermenagna!

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Photo credit: Laura Farneti / Maps: Miriam Tello

Winter 2022


@laurafarneti /AutunnoDanza

After our last Wall performance’s presentation  at the ancient Manifattura Tabacchi in Cagliari, which we remember here with the beautiful images by Laura Farneti/ AutunnoDanza, something happened! for the first time, after the Wall Dialogue Resistance‘s residency in Faro in 2019,  the public was  involved in the hall of the theatre in Livorno, not only through the words sent or written on slips of paper, but directly through a shared game. The initial idea, that was at the origin of this participative project, is returned.

There was a moment of doubt among the audience about what to do  …  not only because the show seemed to be over, but because moving and playing in public space is currently, by force of circumstance, out of use. And yet we had verified the desire and the need to be outside our computer screens and private homes to celebrate, through the performance and the game, the common and simple being bodies in relation, in the same non-virtual space. There are no photos of that unplanned moment…but we’ll do it again!


@Brazzini / G Artistic Center Il Grattacielo, Livorno

In December 2021, as a resident artist in Portugal, Sara was selected to participate in the Connecting Dots meeting of the Stronger Peripheries’s European Creative project in Moita. Here are some photos of the meeting and a short video produced as a presentation. see more here: the artist talk. The evolution of this really interesting cultural cooperative project, can be followed on the: project website. Thanks to all the generous artists, to Artemrede and  the other 11 partners of the project for the rich occasion of exchange and meeting!

@PedroJafuno/ Artemrede



Finally on 6th of March, after a long time, we are happy to propose a Sunday yoga workshop
It will be held by Sara Marasso, Iyengar yoga teacher, with some moment of live music played by bassist Stefano Risso.

For info and registration:
write to or call:+39.3485523105
inscription deadline: February 27, limited places.
The seminar will be held at YOGAROOM, via Cesare Lombroso 6, Turin.