HabitAZIONI is an artistic, site-specific and cross-disciplinary project that should contributes to cultural development finding innovative methods and tools for living in a space through a performative experience and an open artistic creation process. In the project, the guide line of crossing as a place to live could change space perception and relationships between inhabitants-passers, overturning the common sense that connects the term, from latin “habito”, to have habits, wear certain clothes, define behaviors and gestures.
The project will use the skills of the artists involved, in close relationship with the environment and the local community, to inhabit a creative and cultural space by proposing a change of habits, views, relationships and expectations.
The project wants to reinvent urban spaces and unconventional places through high emotional actions, testing new  practices for devices production and consumption of contemporary culture, dealing with the social dimensions of a cultural production on one side, and a rigorous artistic language research, from the other side.

A cross-disciplinary project that incorporates music, dance, theatre and new technologies, realized thanks to the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, within the project ORA! Linguaggi Contemporanei Produzioni Innovative
The project born in partnership by Il CantiereUna Teatro and Sumisura, in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo  and Shared Training Torino’s dancers.
More informations about the project on the site: https://habitazioni2017.wixsite.com/itinerari

Concept, choreography, sound and video: Sara Marasso and Stefano Risso in collaboration with Shared Training Torino
Dancers: Francesco Dalmasso, Elisa D’Amico, Lucia Mazzoleni, Ilaria Quaglia con lo  sguardo esterno/interno di Teresa Noronha Feio

Concept theatre and participative installations: Una Teatro – Irene Salza, Anna Carla Bosco e Luciano Gallo

Video Materials/mapping/kinect: Gabriele Ottino
Light and set-up: Davide Rigodanza
Desing and image: Fenia Kotsopoulou
Residence spaces and workshop:  Via Baltea 3 | Laboratorio di Barriera

18 april 2018
Lavanderia a Vapore – Regional Center for Dance, Collegno