LEGO (2005)

Distressed bodies in allergic situations reacts expressing their discomfort. This is the case of Sara Marasso e Jessica Bellarosa in Lego and the pièce on non-communication by Bruno Catalano e Simona Blaser in “Geometrie imperfette”.
C. Allasia, La Repubblica, 2006

“Ehy, look! What are they doing?” “ Nice! Look at!”. “It mush be some advertising”. “Boh!”. These are the comments of the passer-by at the metropolitan Blitz organized by Natalia Casorati for the Interplay Festival and Torinodanza in four boutiques of via Roma yesterday between 5 and 7 PM. But the most of the audience, comfortably sitting on the floor in front of the shop windows where the show was going on each 15 minutes, knew what was happening. Some experts? Surely used to performances, not expecting to see some dancing, that today’s ‘dancers’ do not do. Except for Sara Marasso and Lorena Tadorni in the shop Strenesse. The two post-modern dancers were executing, limping and absent-minded, an amusing duet step among old barbies and dollies.
C. Allasia, La Repubblica, 2005