Manifesto per una rivoluzione della scuola

Remo Rostagno presents “Manifesto per una rivoluzione della scuola”, Anordest edition. The text, between essay and autobiography, collects different experiences and pedagogical reflections learned over many years of “militancy”, previously proposing a survey about the Italian school, then a radical revolution in communication and language training methods.
A presentation about generis, produced in action scenes with the artistic interventions by the dancer Sara Marasso, the double bass player Stefano Risso and by the actor Gianni Bissaca.

Action scene based on “Manifesto per una rivoluzione della scuola” a book written by Remo Rostagno

dance: Sara Marasso 
reading: Gianni Bissaca
sound: Stefano Risso 

in anticipation of ARTE TRANSITIVA 2015
January 30th 2015, Officine CAOS p.zza Montale 18/a_Turin;
March 2nd 2015, Circolo dei lettori_Turin;
April 16th 2015, Ex chiesa di Santa Croce_ Beinasco (Turin)