“An extremely balanced show, even in duration, rich in the dimension of movement that is very “caressing”. The stylistic code of the entire choreography could be defined as caressing. Sara Marasso is not an imposing choreographer, not even with herself, you can see it well in all the work. The impression is that she really explores until she finds that movement that resonates with what she is looking for. Her body is  measure: she measures with her forearm, her hand, her arm, measures with her shoulder, a process that I find very beautiful to see. […] At last there is the ability to pass from obsession to lyricism: in fact the ending has this kind of openness, a dimension like hope. The music here is let go in its entirety, just as the body lets itself go to fall and to the support, to a poetic dimension. And there she returns to dance, in a dimension of traditional canon in which there is an idea of ​​fluidity, with a passage from fragmentation to continuity that clearly emerges at the level of movement. In my opinion all these dramaturgical elements the audience catches them very well because Sara Marasso and Stefano Risso are not didactic at all, they work seriously through their compositional process, aware that every step is necessary but in the end all the work is really engaging. And it is on many levels, emotional, perceptive, structural, so many are the possible levels of reading. The show manages and communicate directly to the public because the elements of break and research, which are present, are delivered inside a closure of the shape”. A. Pontremoli, paraphrase of his speech at Autunno Danza Festival, Teatro Massimo in Cagliari, November 2018 

“No Comfort Zone by Sara Marasso with Stefano Risso on double bass and live electronics, is made under the name of the grace and the roundness of the gestures of the dancers. In cooperation with Lavanderia a Vapore and the Portuguese company Vo’Arte Espaco Rurale das Arte Soudos, is a balance of rare perfection between dancing bodies and musical notes. The wonderful Beethoven string quartet number 14, Opera 131 in E minor, performed by the Alban Berg Quartet, gracefully accompanies the evolutions and the gestures danced in “chiaroscuro”.  Captivating and sometimes poignant note, imbued with a profound humanity that the harmonious play of dancing give back in a light alternation without any imperfection. A poetic synthesis that combines extremes, dampens the contrasts caressing the world with compassion”.
W. Porcedda, Gli Stati Generali, 2019

”Sara Marasso is a refined author of a filmic-tersicorea culture, always looking for a contemporary language closely related to other forms of artistic expression. Formed initially at the school of Anna Sagna, then at the Laban Center in London, in Paris and then with atypical masters like Diverrés and Vandekeybus, Marasso is a contact-improvisation specialist and defines her art of movement as a “body-writing”. Appreciated in numerous festivals (…) the Turin choreographer was chosen with her latest project, “No Comfort Zone”, to launch the choreographic residences plan at Collegno’s Lavanderia a Vapore. Created by his company “Il Cantiere” with the support of Torino Danza and in collaboration with Interplay, “No Comfort Zone”, one of the first titles selected by the Circuito Teatrale del Piemonte, is visible at 6 pm at the Lavanderia, surrounded by the visual materials of Fenia Kotsopoulou and accompanied by Stefano Risso’s electronic and ukubass sounds elaborated by op. 131 by Ludvig van Beethoven. Matured during the summer in the Portuguese residence of the Companhia Instavel- Campo Alegre Theater, ‹‹ No Comfort Zone – explains the performer – expresses an idea of ​​multidisciplinary creation involving a margin of risk or not comforting.”
C. Allasia, La Repubblica, 2016 

“ (…) a fragmented dance that seems to reflect a mind distracted by words, phrases and speeches that she only knows. As in the silence of the night, when a thousand thoughts emerge under the warm blankets of the bed, forcing sleep to delay its appearance. Upon awakening, opportunities for distraction increase. (…) There is no respite. Falls are inevitable. The important thing is to recover, carve out a space and take care of yourself. The meeting with the other brings a change. Walking side by side along the path you can grab yourself and help yourself get back on your feet. We need to trust each other because we risk in two, but together we win and then the face mention a smile. Escape becomes a game, giving up an opportunity.”
E. Canciani, Attraversamneti Multipli, 2016