SOLO CARTA (2008/2009)

“Exercise of style around an ingenious and poetic concept: to put in movement, in tension and in torsion with, for only sound environment, its body, its breath, paper and a microphone: for another materialization of the movement”.
Charleroi Dance Program, 2009

“The intervention presented for “Dance Roads” in Turin by Sara Marasso has been remarkable: Solo Carta, the dance solo was at the some time delicate and intense. In the white of the scene and of a simple costume that hides paper material without nicking the silhouette, in the sound-silence of dancing body producing noises captured by a microphone, the choreographer unfolds or wraps, creases or stretches herself, envelops or flattens out. Sometime she snatch by or creates her dimension. And she leaves place to the listening, the fineness, movement and the meaning, the latter subtle and thin as a paper sheet”.
C. Castellazzi, Tuttodanza, 2008