When I dance I dance. When I sleep I sleep

The topic is the word that we would say but we don’t, in order to leave space for the body’s language and movement.
So between the necessity of saying and the necessity to be quite we play with words, moving between daily gestures and abstract signs in order to simply highlight, through the dance, the refined animal called human who is taken in his need of producing an open sense about the variety of meanings and about the fragility of hearing.


concept – choreography: Sara Marasso
creation – dance: Sara Marasso and Mattia Mele
lights design: Marco Ferrero
sound design : Niccolò Bosio
dramaturgical collaboration:
Irene Salza

Debut: May 25th 2012 at Fonderie Teatrali Limone – Moncalieri (Turin) for INTERPLAY FESTIVAL/12; February 8th 2013 at Teatro civico Milanollo – Savigliano (CN – Piedmont) for Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo. – Circuito Regionale dello spettacolo; November 30th 2012 at Spazio SEARCH – Municipal Hall of Cagliari for SIGNAL performing arts FESTIVAL – in collaboration with Autunno Danza; June 28th 2012 at Teatro Astra – Turin
Short show in L’Astra danza per l’Emilia; May 5th-6th2012 atTeatro Garibaldi – Settimo Torinese (Turin)
It wins the ‘residenze creative 2012’ ban

Production: IL CANTIERE – cultural association, supported by TORINODANZA, Fondazione TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa, Teatro GARYBALDI – Progetto Residenze Creative 2012 and Lavanderia a Vapore Centro di eccellenza per la danza